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We are a

Fueling the fight against sexual violence
Providing real resources for real change
Unifying organizations across the country
Creating a national front

We are
The Jensen

The Jensen Project is a foundation working as a strategic partner to local non-profits around the United States. We provide grants, resources and holistic help to advance and empower agencies fighting sex trafficking. Our approach is hands-on – we act as a convener among organizations, bringing people together to network, share experiences and support each other in their work.

We believe we’re stronger together. A national, unified front
will help us win the fight ag
ainst sexual violence.

About the  

Janet Jensen is the Founder and CEO of The Jensen Project where she leverages her strengths in business, innovation, and creativity to cultivate opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to empowering survivors and reducing exploitation. A lifelong advocate against sexual violence and exploitation, and a self-proclaimed human investor, Janet strategically aligns stakeholders and cultivates impactful partnerships to create cultural and systemic change, improving the outcomes for all victims of sexual violence.

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